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For the second year in a row, we have been chosen as one of the 10 best solution providers in the nation. 

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Every year, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts alongside Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board narrow down a list of document management solution providers who are on the forefront of innovative technologies and strategies. 

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KP was chosen AGAIN because of our unique capabilities to help companies internally and externally. 
While document management in healthcare typically focuses on the internal working of the client company – like tracking health records, document standing, forms management, etc., – our automated production enables businesses to extend to external communications, effortlessly optimize document production and delivery across any channel including print, email, web, and mobile.
Because of this, our clients are able to take advantage of more services under one roof than any other document management solution providers.  They’re also able to sleep better at night knowing that we maintain the highest standards of quality and data security with certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SSAE-18 (learn more about our quality and data security program).
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Managing Documents and
Communications in Healthcare

Until the recent past, healthcare-related directories needed to be updated twice a year and sent to various stakeholders.  By the time the provider data was collected, assimilated, prepared, and distributed, it was already outdated and could not be used in making informed decisions.  In an attempt to fix this, new federal regulations required printed healthcare directories to be updated on a monthly basis, while online directories were updated weekly.  While this solved the previous challenge of not having timely data, a new dilemma arose—health plans lacked the technology to speed up the creation and production process.  KP puts an end to this challenge.      
     KP’s   automated   production enables businesses to effortlessly optimize document production and delivery across any channel including print, email, web and mobile.  KP consults with numerous clients to connect key business areas with today’s information security requirements.  While document management in healthcare typically focuses on the internal working of the client company—tracking its health records, document standing, forms management, and the like—KP distinguishes itself with its expertise in marketing and communications.  As KP recognizes document management as automated services that 

optimize the production of documents and their delivery  across multiple channels, the company assists in member communications, enrollment materials, welcome packets, ID cards, as well as the maintenance of the provider directories.  The company creates two types of provider directories from the same data file—a PDF for the health plans to publish online and printed copies that are mailed to customers.      
     In order to make healthcare directories precise, KP compiles data from different sources and uses geocoding to offer only relevant information within a ten-mile or specified radius to each member.  “Customers can use KP’s system to combine relevant data files, apply compliance rules, and provide the appropriate versions to recipients in the method they prefer to read it—digital or print,” informs Brett Olszewski, CSMO of KP.  The company applies appropriate data-hygiene and optimizing tactics to populate pre-programmed templates to create fully variable, personalized documents that can be distributed through print and traditional mail, emails, and mobile and web.      
     KP’s  campaign  management system uses an ecommerce front engine to allow clients to determine the audience for their marketing campaigns.  The campaign planning and execution tools benefit clients who are highly informed about healthcare and potential customers, but need assistance in marketing their programs.  KP’s tools aid customers in creating cost-effective layouts and design for the overall production and delivery of campaigns that meet compliance requirements.  

The company’s close-looped management programs and business intelligence reporting help their customers in understanding the effectiveness of the campaign and automatically trigger additional communications.      
     Since  KP  handles  extensive amounts of client information, the company uses three types of data protection programs—administrative checks including Business Associate Agreements (BAA) and security risk assessments; physical checks including security cameras and badges restricting access to data; and electronic processes and procedures.  KP ensures client confidentiality using encrypted FTP sites and direct secure pipelines that keep data away from the internet and public spaces.  KP caters to the specific demands of multiple sectors like healthcare, life sciences, finance, retail, and government organizations.  With certifications for ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and SSAE-18, the company safeguards Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and Payment Card Information (PCI), KP focuses on data security, privacy, and quality, as well as the environment.      
     Having  catered  primarily  to customers on the West coast in the past, KP now aims to expand organically across the country.  Joe Atturio, CEO of KP, aims to steer his company ahead of other players in the document management space by keeping pace with continuous developments in all aspects of data security and customer communication channels.

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