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Are you aware of your options?

After January 2018, Health Plans will pay fines for not complying with the new Federal and State standards of updating provider directories at least every 30 days.  Some state laws, like California's SB-137, are requiring online directory updates every week.  Many companies are trying to comply by using the same manual methods as before, but there's an easier way...  

KP has tools and technologies, already in place with other Health Plans, that can deliver directories in an efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Improved ability to meet regulatory compliance standards

  • Payback period of 6-12 months

  • Cost savings of up to 50%

  • Significant reduction in design time

  • Increased volume of communications

  • Streamlined & automated processes

  • Scaleability with growth

  • Integration of multiple data sources into customer communications

  • Increased customer satisfaction

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Provider Directory
Automation made easy.

Highly Secured Infrastructure

Feel safe knowing that all data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant, using the highest level of data certifications easily able to scale with growth.

Create Digital Materials

Centrally create, manage, and deliver personalized communications that are distributed via multiple channels - repurposing the same content as online documents, print, email, mobile, SMS. Templates are fast, secure, and easy to change for revisions.

Be Agile & Compliant

Health Care organizations must be agile enough to respond quickly to changes in the regulatory landscape, including 508 compliance. You can manage and track communications and archive for record keeping – all significantly reducing your company’s risk.

Seamless Integration

KP integrates with your existing legacy systems, integrating with complex data ecosystems.  KP’s customer communications management provides a future-proof solution that will continue to adapt to rapidly changing consumer needs as you grow.



Operational Benefits*

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